Friday, October 3, 2008

PETA-Style Animal Rights -- Kill the Rabbits in Kelowna!

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From a story here, about the rabbit killings in Kelowna, BC (Canada). Kristian DeJournett, PETA cruelty case worker is quoted as saying:
"[...]we understand that sometimes animals do have to be euthanized"
This is typical rhetoric from PETA. They bob their heads and idiotically refer to themselves as an 'animal rights' group.

What kind of rights are they advocating? The right for these animals to be killed by humans?

Activists in the area are working desperately to stop the killing of these rabbits. (I've emailed one group in the area, who tells me that PETA contacted NO ONE there. They just write up their media release, and send it out without making any contact. Nice. This isn't at all uncommon either, PETA is infamous for just stomping into areas blindly and doing whatever it is they want to do with little consideration for the local activist community.)

And here is PETA, completely undermining the efforts of these activists, and worst of all: JUSTIFYING the killing of these rabbits!!

And to call it 'euthanasia'? Look it up -- you cannot euthanize a healthy animal. It is an act reserved for the terminally ill. The rabbits were getting along fine. PETA is advocating the KILLING these rabbits, if one wants to utilize accurate vernacular. Someone ought to write to PETA and get them to brush up on their reading comprehension skills.

All the best to the groups in Kelowna who are working to save these rabbits..

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